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Helping your clients plan for growth next year

January is always a hectic month. So, why not give your clients a kickstart today by preparing them for growth in 2022? Establishing goals with your clients now will provide them with the vision and motivation they need to move forward with confidence.

13 Dec 2021

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Automate compliance so you can focus on profitable advisory work

How does your accountancy firm differentiate itself from the competition? Most firms agree that accounting services fall into three main levels: compliance, performance and advisory.

22 Nov 2021

Funding Options X Addition

Funding Options X Addition: Finances & Funding the complete guide for small businesses

Applying for business funding can be an exciting, yet sometimes overwhelming, step in the business journey for any entrepreneur or business founder. Whether it’s government grant schemes or business loans, there are a lot of options out there in the lending market, and knowing how to navigate the options (and when) to access them is crucial for any SME.

5 Oct 2021

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Supply chain pressures: is it time to onshore, reshore or explore China Plus One?

As traditional trade routes become more unstable, ties with the manufacturing giant China become more unsettled and the pandemic continues to hammer global supply chains, reshoring has shot up the agenda. Sanjay Vallabh, founder of Vallabh Associates Ltd. joins our Head of Advisory Thomas Boyd, to look at how businesses who want to diversify away from this position and make their supply chains more resilient.

4 Oct 2021

 Build a digital future by adding funding to your advisory proposition webinar

Build a digital future by adding funding to your advisory proposition webinar

On the 27 September 2021, our Head of Advisory Thomas Boyd and Advisory Partnership Manager Steve Whelan hosted a webinar in partnership with the IFA to discuss how accountants, business consultants and practitioners could build a digital future by adding funding to your advisory proposition.

27 Sept 2021


How to manage your clients’ cash flow with funding

Managing cash flow is critical for the survival and success of any company. But the disruption caused by Covid-19 and Brexit has made it all the more difficult for many businesses to maintain a positive cash flow. In this post, we’ll run through how you can help manage your clients’ cash flow by leveraging flexible business finance.

16 Aug 2021

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Can my clients use hire purchase finance to access the super-deduction?

If your client needs to purchase equipment or machinery for their business but they don’t have the cash to buy it up front, hire purchase could be just what they need. What’s more, hire purchase can be used as part of the government’s super-deduction capital allowance.

25 Jul 2021

trade finance

Trade Finance: Supporting Businesses Through Brexit, Covid-19 & Beyond

Sanjay Vallabh is a Trade Finance Advisory Consultant and founder of Vallabh Associates Ltd. In this article, together with Funding Options’ Head of Advisory Thomas Boyd, he aims to demystify the dark art of trade finance for SMEs, mid-corporates, manufacturers, importers, exporters and advisors.

4 Jul 2021

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How to speak to your clients about business finance

For some, securing the right type of finance can be the difference between success and failure. It’s never been more important for the business community to understand what funding is available and how to apply. Here’s how you, as an advisor, can kickstart the conversation.

21 Jun 2021


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